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Qigong Breath Work 

Sat. July 14, 2018   9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

west ferry worshop7-14 

Beginner Nei Gong Training ~ 4 Hour Workshop ~ $75 

West Ferry Yoga 15 Melrose Avenue Jamestown, RI 02835  

I wish everyone with a body would take this class! Learning to connect the mind with the breath is an essential tool for self-care. These techniques are so useful for relaxation and clarified energy and improved health. I am recommending this class to many of my patients, and to my friends and family as well. 

~Nancy Graham, RI Doctor of Acupuncture 

  • Calm and focus the mind. 
  • Regulate heart rate and calm nerves. 
  • Enhance your yoga or exercise practice. 
  • Improve circulation to all the organs the body. 
  • Stimulate Qi flow to the brain. 
  • Connect to the magnetic field of the earth. 
  • Cleanse stagnant Qi from the body. 
  • Stop the depletion of Qi by plugging up leaks in the energy field. 
  • Heal and nourish the nervous system. 
  • Wash away pain and fatigue from the body. 
  • Create a youthful and refreshed state. 

To register call Janet Larson @ 401.932. 5558 or email 

To learn more about Master Instructor Leah Franklin visit: 



Conspire 2017:  Transformation 

Each year Father Richard Rohr a Franciscan priest of the New Mexico Province and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation hosts an annual conference with spiritual teachers from many disciplines.

Join us at Central Baptist Church on Monday’s 9:30 – 11 a.m. November 6 – December 18th to view and discuss the presentations from the Conspire 2017 Conference.     The theme of this year’s conference is TRANSFORMATION:  The separate self is the major problem, not the shadow self, which only takes deeper, forms of disguise.   The shadow self can be defined as those negative aspects of ourselves, which we deny and/or defend. The separate self does not recognize the divine nature present in all beings and makes choices focused on personal gain and desires and not the greater good.

“Many people presume that the job of religion is to eliminate evil; however, how we eliminate evil is much more important! Violence, injustice, and greed only increase when they are denied in ourselves and projected onto others—this is the “shadow” self.

Fr. Richard Rohr, Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Mirabai Starr, and Ken Wilber explore our misguided attempts to overcome evil. They help us rediscover all beings’ inherent unity and belovedness. Conversion demands immense humility and honesty rather than zeal or purity. The autonomous, egocentric, and separate self must give way to our True Self.

Facing our shadow is a breakthrough to grace and mercy. Embracing the parts of ourselves we’ve denied also reveals a “golden shadow”—our goodness, giftedness, and generosity! The integrated, whole individual is a powerful force for oneing.”  Richard Rohr.

You may go to to receive Richard Rohr’s daily meditations or to learn more about Conspire 2017.All are welcome.  Arrive at Clarke Hall at 9:15 for refreshments.

Living with Conscious Abandon

Living with Conscious Abandon  meets  on the 4th Monday of each month at Central Baptist Church from 1 – 2:30 pm.  The group focuses on personal reflection of both Christian and Eastern spiritual guidelines in living each day with conscious attention to our intentions, thoughts, speech and actions.  Join us as we gather to share our responses to daily reflections that will support us in living our lives with wisdom, integrity and compassion. Our reference guide is Living and Dying with Confidence: A day by day guide by Anyen Rinpoche and Allison Choying Zangmo. The text may be purchased at Amazon for $11.  All are welcome. Refreshments

October 23               Month 5 Accepting Pain and Difficult Circumstances

November 27           Month 6 Training in Virtuous Conduct of Body, Speech and Mind

December TBA          Month 7 Training in Virtuous Conduct of Body, Speech and Mind

January 22                 Month 8 Going Beyond Our Limits

February 26  Month 9 Giving of Ourselves

March 26                   Month 10 Developing a Daily Practice

April 23                      Month 11 Cultivating Patience

May TBA                     Month 12 Dedicating Ourselves for Others

Month 5

Below are some of the daily reflections to prepare for our class on October 23rd

Day 11 p. 71

Suffering arises equally from all circumstances. Many of us believe that “if only” we had something different we would suffer less. Many of our “if onlys” go all the way back to childhood. “If only she/he had love me enough..” or “if only I hadn’t make that choice…” In truth, suffering is inevitable.

*Today, take some time to make a list of your “if onlys” in your journal. What do you believe would alleviate your suffer?

Day 12 p.71

Many of us are stuck in our “if onlys”. They become a source of regret, a yearning for something we do not, or cannot, have. If we wish to die confidently, we cannot be emotionally stuck in regret, wishing that reality were different. When we contemplate the nature of samsara, we are better able to accept life as it is now. We become more willing to see things as they actually are rather than how we’d like them to be.

*Do you have regrets in life that you are unwilling to let go of? Take a few minutes to journal about your regrets and why you are holding on to them. What might it mean to let them go? What would it take?

Day 17 p. 74

When we fail to realize that all sentient beings are suffering just as we are, we put distance between ourselves and others. We feel different and unique, and our suffering also feels unique. Losing our sense of connection with others is another layer of suffering that can pile up on top of the suffering we already feel buried beneath. We lose the ability to reach out to others and to realize that others can help us through difficult times.

*Do you have the habit of withdrawing from others? How does the act of withdrawing make you feel?

Tuesday Sangha

Reflections on Silver River Verses 25 -30.  Tuesday Oct 17 6:30-8:30.  Join  our monthly gathering of meditation and spiritual study.  Following meditation will begin with a brief review and discussion of the Six  Perfections: generosity, morality, patience, effort, meditative stability, wisdom.

Listening to Ken’s retreats provides deeper insight to Tokme Zongpo’s teachings. The following link takes you to KenMcLeod’s teachings on the Six Perfections.

You may also want to review Verses 1 -24 and listen to the discussion of those verses

on Unfettered Mind.

Please arrive 10 – 15 min. early so that we will have time for a 30 minute practice and 1.5 hrs. for discussion. If you’re running late, please join us and enter quietly.  I will have veggies and hummus and tea.  You are welcome to bring a snack to share.

All are welcome.  Please donate a non-perishable food itemfor the local food pantry.