Yoga Classes



Back to Basics: Back Care
Based on the National Institute for Health groundbreaking study published in 2005 a specifically sequenced and consistent Therapeutic Yoga practice is effective in increasing movement and reducing low back pain. Yoga sequences are based on the work developed by leading yoga therapists Robin Rothenberg and Gary Kraftsow. Although each person’s back condition varies, this class will introduce you to the tools of yoga to:

  • Tune into your own back condition
  • Utilize breath and awareness to release tension
  • Improve strength and improve flexibility in your hips, low back, sacrum
  • Strengthen your abdominal core muscles

This class is recommended for those who have upper back, including shoulders and neck and low back discomfort or chronic low back pain. This class addresses low back pain as the result of : poor postural habits, sedentary lifestyle, weak or tight muscles, arthritic body types. If you have serious structural conditions such as: lumbar disc compression, spondylolisthesis, spinal fusion, sacroiliac dysfunction, hypermobility, or sciatica, please consult with your physician or physical therapist before beginning this class. You may also schedule a private evaluation and yoga therapy session.

Chair Yoga
Learn self-awareness through breathing techniques, poses and relaxation with modifications for anyone who prefers to practice yoga postures using a chair as support. This is a gentle yoga class which is appropriate for anyone with balance concerns, limited mobility, arthritis or osteoporosis.

Backs and Bones

As we age we’re acutely aware of how body wellness influences our enjoyment in daily activity.   Backs and Bones is a gentle therapeutic yoga class focusing on strengthening muscles, increasing movement and flexibility, reducing and preventing back pain and maintaining bone density to ward off osteoporosis.   You will learn how to tune into your upper and low back conditions, neck, shoulders, limbs and abdominal core through a series of weight bearing, balance, strength and flexibility poses.  Through breath centered poses and relaxation practices  levels of the stress hormone cortisol are lowered which is key in keeping calcium in the bones.

Wake Up to Your Yoga

Energizing and nurturing the body, mind and spirit with a gentle flow practice to greet the day with compassion and gratitude.   This practice includes energizing breath practices and meditation.  Beginners are welcome

Wellness Practice
Using asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and chanting we explore sequences which develop strength and flexibility, enhance emotional balance.  Beginnners are welcome.

Yoga Basics
Learning the fundamentals of breath and movement we experience the benefits of  strength, flexibility and contentment that yoga brings to the body-mind. Brand new beginners welcome!

Yoga Tools for Wellness: Monthly Topics

Exploring yoga as a lifestyle we learn to be present to the challenges of  structural, physiological, and emotional concerns.  Using asana, pranayama, chanting, visualization and meditation we make changes in our structural alignment, bring attention to our nutritional needs, balance our nervous system and make choices to support inner peace.

Tuesday Sangha
Yoga, Meditation and Book Discussion
6-8 pm yoga and meditation
Prior to our discussion we will prepare for meditation, with a gentle 20 minute flow practice and 10 min. pranayama (breath)practice, followed by a 30 min. meditation practice. Please arrive by 5:50 so that we may begin on time.  6 – 7 pm practice  7-8 pm book discussion.