About West Ferry Yoga

West Ferry Yoga follows the practice of yoga from the classical ancient yoga tradition as inspired by Krishnamacharia from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and presented by Gary Kraftsow and the faculty of the American Viniyoga Institute.

Each session at WFY begins with an intention to focus awareness on our 5 levels of being known in Sanskrit as  “panchamaya”:  physical, energetic, emotional, intellectual, spiritual.  A purposeful strand is woven throughout the poses (asana), breath (pranayama) and meditation (dharma) practices.  What is practiced on the mat supports the way we wish to be in the world and all our “off the mat”  interactions.  All students enjoy individual attention through small intimate classes with modifications and accomodations to meet each person’s needs.

Daily yoga practice provides self-discipline, awareness and mindfulness which brings contentment and balance to the activities of the day.   Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras inspire and guide us in living our truth and making wise choices.

small bio photoJanet Larson MS, MA, CYT, Certified  Viniyoga Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher received her Viniyoga Foundations Training and Yoga Therapy certification with the American Viniyoga Institute.  Other areas of study include Yoga Alliance Certification in Hatha Yoga; master’s degrees in Communication Disorders and Holistic Counseling; certifications in Depth Hypnosis, advanced integrated energy medicine, and advanced healing shamanic practices with Foundation of the Sacred Stream .  She is a Reiki practitioner at the master level.

Janet presents therapeutic yoga workshops, provides yoga therapy and teaches yoga in Jamestown, RI and in Freeman Township in the western mountains of Maine.  Yoga Tools for Wellness Workshops include: Back Care Basics: Back Care for the Upper and Lower Back; Peace and Wellness: Relieving Chronic Stress;  A Good Night’s Sleep: Insomnia and Sleeplessness; Inner Peace Through the Holidays; Women and Aging: the Wise Peaceful Warrior; Strength and Vitality: Embracing Osteoporosis, Everyday Wellness: Supporting the Immune System; Your Yoga: Developing a Personal Yoga Practice: Elemental Connections: Nature and Yoga Retreat: Yoga and the Art of Living and Dying.